LifestyleBillionaire's $2 million splurge on mystical Tibetan mastiff

Billionaire's $2 million splurge on mystical Tibetan mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dog in the world.
The Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dog in the world.
Images source: © Getty Images | Grzegorz Majchrzak

29 June 2024 16:12

He paid two million dollars for the puppy, which is more than one and a half million pounds. An extravagant decision? That’s an understatement. But who can stop a wealthy Chinese person from buying a dog straight from the heart of Tibet? The price is tied to the breed surrounded by mystical worship.

Buying a dog for several thousand pounds often faces criticism. There's always someone who will say that shelter dogs are free and need care the most. So what would they say to such extravagance?

The puppy cost him a fortune

In 2014, Tibetan mastiff breeder Zhang Genyun traded with a wealthy Chinese individual who bought a puppy for 12 million yuan. Considering the currency's value at that time and today’s dollar rate, this is more than one and a half million pounds.

It turns out that a purebred mastiff straight from Tibet is the most expensive dog in the world. Why? Many mystical qualities are attributed to it. For instance, some believe that the spirits of deceased monks reside in this breed. As for mastiffs available in Europe, it should be noted that purebred ones are hard to come by. Nevertheless, they can cost up to several thousand pounds.

The Tibetan mastiff – characteristics

Interestingly, the Tibetan mastiff is recognized as one of the world's oldest and largest dog breeds. It used to be a guard and herding dog. Nowadays, it’s treated as a show dog and simply man’s best friend and companion.

Its dense fur can vary in colour from black to red to golden. And what can be said about its character? The Tibetan mastiff is a calm dog with a determined character, often manifesting as stubbornness. It needs the owner’s attention, dislikes change and can be wary of strangers.

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