NewsBalloon adventure turns hazardous in Cappadocia as 22 tourists rescued

Balloon adventure turns hazardous in Cappadocia as 22 tourists rescued

In Cappadocia, there was a balloon crash that could have ended tragically.
In Cappadocia, there was a balloon crash that could have ended tragically.
Images source: ©, X Nexta TV
Paulina Antoniak

22 June 2024 20:44

An accident occurred on Saturday, 22 June, during a balloon flight in Cappadocia, Turkey. The balloon, carrying 22 tourists, became lodged between rocks. Fortunately, nobody was killed. All individuals were evacuated. A recording of the incident appeared on social media.

Turkey enjoys unwavering popularity among tourists. Every year, the country tops the rankings of the most popular travel destinations. One of the most visited places is Cappadocia, located in the central part of the country, which attracts visitors with unique monuments and charming landscapes.

Cappadocia is a region famous for its balloon flights. When weather permits, hundreds of colourful balloons lift off almost every day at dawn. The flight usually lasts about an hour, and during that time, tourists can admire the sunrise over the Red Valley, Rose Valley, and Meskendir.

Balloons rise to heights between 850 and 1,200 metres above sea level, and it must be said that the view is stunning.

Balloon accident in Cappadocia. It could have ended tragically

On Saturday, 22 June, during one of the balloon flights, an accident occurred that could have ended tragically. "Balloon with tourists fell into the rocks in Turkey. It happened in Cappadocia, in the resort of Gereme. There were 22 people on board the balloon. All of them were evacuated," reported Nexta TV on the X service. A recording of the event was also posted. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

A notable balloon accident in Cappadocia took place in October 2022. During the transport of 28 passengers, two Spanish citizens were killed, and three other people were injured.

Fatal accidents during balloon flights in Cappadocia occur very rarely. According to the Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation, in recent years, there have been 12 accidents, resulting in three deaths. All of them occurred during the landing.

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