LifestyleAvoiding 'mummy' and 'daddy' to keep passion alive, says expert

Avoiding 'mummy' and 'daddy' to keep passion alive, says expert

Maintaining passion in a relationship is not easy / illustrative photo
Maintaining passion in a relationship is not easy / illustrative photo
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Aleksandra Lewandowska

23 June 2024 16:52

Maintaining passion in a relationship is not easy. Couples who have been together for many years often struggle with the so-called spark fading, which can be further diminished using two specific words. An expert has revealed what these words are.

Every couple operates on their own terms to ensure the relationship is happy and comfortable for both parties. This also applies to maintaining passion and intimacy, which can sometimes be ruined by seemingly small things, including the words we use towards each other. Two of these words are particularly "dangerous."

These words destroy passion in a relationship

Marisa Peer, a self-described relationship expert, shared in a podcast what affects passion in a romantic relationship. As it turns out, this includes the words that couples use with each other. These words are related to having a child, as many parents adopt the words "mummy" and "daddy" in their relationships. This leads the partners to stop seeing each other as romantic partners.

Peer warned many people do not realise that when they are in a long-term relationship with someone with whom they have a child, they tend to assume the role of parent in every aspect, which translates back to the bedroom.

She emphasised the importance of not transferring parenting roles into the bedroom and of remembering the bond that connects two people beyond being a mother and father.

The 222 method as a recipe for a successful relationship?

Couples busy with work and parenting daily should also try the 222 method, used by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, one of Hollywood's most popular marriages. What is this practice about?

As explained by Dr Mateusz Grzesiak, psychologist and lecturer at the WSB Academy, in an interview with "Good Morning TVN:

- The 222 method suggests acting in a specific way in a relationship to build a bond. Every two weeks, we should go on romantic dates (e.g., dinner, cinema, theatre, or concert), every two months spend a weekend as a couple (discovering new places, going out of town, or on a so-called city break), and every two years go on a week-long holiday just the two of us (to enjoy each other's company and take care of intimacy).

The 222 method is supposed to prevent routine from creeping into the relationship and take care of the bond.

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