SportsArgentina's Messi and Otamendi: Final chapter of illustrious careers

Argentina's Messi and Otamendi: Final chapter of illustrious careers

In the photo: Nicolas Otamendi and Lionel Messi
In the photo: Nicolas Otamendi and Lionel Messi
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9 July 2024 08:34

Lionel Messi and Nicolas Otamendi are essential figures in the Argentina national team who will soon end their football careers. The latter dramatically admires the former, as evidenced by a dedicated tattoo.

These are the last years we can watch Lionel Messi on the field. The legendary Argentine's career is coming to a close, so soon, we will no longer be able to see the excellent football virtuoso in action.

National team successes have meant a lot to Messi, which he only managed to achieve in recent years. First, in 2021, for the first time in his career, he celebrated a triumph in the Copa America, and a year later, he won the World Cup with the team.

Argentina, with the 37-year-old in the lineup, is competing in the Copa America. For some team members, including Messi, this is likely the last chance for success with the national team. The squad also includes, among others, the one-year-younger Nicolas Otamendi.

The defender is also a legend of the Argentine squad. Like Messi, he has been a key part of this team for years. FC Barcelona's former player is undoubtedly a significant figure for Otamendi. This is evidenced by his rib tattoo, which recently went viral on social media.

- Tag a bigger Leo Messi fan than Nicolás Otamendi (you probably can’t) - wrote profile 433 on X, adding a photo of the 36-year-old's tattoo.
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