FoodAre cherries dangerous? The truth about wormy and mouldy fruit

Are cherries dangerous? The truth about wormy and mouldy fruit

Is it possible to drink water with cherries?
Is it possible to drink water with cherries?
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24 June 2024 21:07

Are you wondering if eating a wormy cherry can cause poisoning? What about mouldy fruit? Is there any common sense explanation for grandma's warning about drinking water with cherries? Find out what mistakes not to make when eating cherries.

It is currently cherry season. Many people find it hard to resist these fruits, and it’s no wonder. Sweet and tart, juicy cherries symbolise summer and are reminiscent of a carefree childhood. However, cherries can turn carefreeness into a nightmare. How? It’s very easy to make a mistake.

Why shouldn’t you drink water with cherries?

Cherries are fruits that are rich in dietary fibre. Although this substance significantly impacts the regulation of bowel processes, it is neither digested nor absorbed by our digestive system. If we decide to consume a large number of cherries and then drink water, we may accelerate the movement of food through our digestive system.

People with digestive issues should be cautious, as they may experience stomach upset after consuming many cherries and water. The risk group includes those with digestive problems, gastritis, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, or bile duct inflammation. Patients suffering from stomach and duodenal ulcers should also be cautious.

Which cherries should not be eaten?
Which cherries should not be eaten?© Pixabay

What cherries should you not eat?

First and foremost, avoid cherries that have changed colour, are very soft, overripe, leaking juice, or mouldy. Such fruits can be harmful. Removing the spoiled part of the fruit is not a good practice, as it doesn’t guarantee that all the mould has been eliminated. It’s worth knowing that mould developing on food products can have a strong toxic effect on humans.

And what about wormy cherries? This situation is a bit different. Although eating fruits with worms can cause disgust or even vomiting, it is not unsafe. The insects living in the fruit are not toxic and do not release harmful substances into our bodies.

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