EntertainmentAmerican TikToker reveals daily battle with 100 food allergies

American TikToker reveals daily battle with 100 food allergies

She can only eat 13 products. She lives with severe food allergies.
She can only eat 13 products. She lives with severe food allergies.
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24 June 2024 17:56

A TikToker from the USA revealed that she suffers from numerous food intolerances. Her diet is highly restrictive, making it a significant challenge to prepare balanced meals.

What's the worst type of allergy? I gather £20 from each person and listen. Grass and pollen? A strong contender, as the transition from spring to summer is incredibly challenging. Perpetually red eyes, a swollen face, and a runny nose... all quite unpleasant. Animal fur? There is minimal chance of having a pet. It is a nightmare when visiting friends who have a four-legged companion. Similar symptoms. And what about food allergies? Eliminating one ingredient from the diet seems simple, but only theoretically. Those who suffer from coeliac disease or lactose intolerance understand this well. If certain fruits, for instance, are problematic for the body - it's not so bad. But if it's something like tomatoes, which are a base for many staple dishes, then things get tough.

And what can someone who has been diagnosed with over 100 food allergies? Then there's no room for being picky with food: you must eat what your body doesn't reject and remain highly creative. The goal is to provide energy and nutrients, good taste, and no monotony. The difficulty level is an uphill battle.

Her allergy has an allergy. The girl from the USA can eat only 13 products

Jenna Gestenter, 21, from the USA, has over 100 food allergies. The list of things she can't eat is endless, and it's easier for her to list what she can consume. Because of her harrowing experiences, she became a content creator focusing on health and dietetics.

The girl recorded a video sharing a list of safe products to consume. She reveals that there were once only nine items, and now the list has expanded to 13. Jenna has divided the food she can eat into several categories:

  • proteins: several types of white fish (most often she chooses mahi-mahi, also known as dolphinfish) and tuna,
  • vegetables: green beans, courgette, and cucumbers,
  • fruits: limes, raspberries, grapes, pears, and dates,
  • miscellaneous: chia seeds, water lily seeds, and olive oil.

Internet users congratulate Jenna on her perseverance and are impressed with her iron will. "You are incredibly disciplined. I can't eat potassium and phosphorus, which are in practically everything, and I have terrible trust control issues. That will kill me before my kidneys do." "This sounds like a great challenge. I'm glad your options are increasing. Are there any safe foods that you don't like or don't count?" the commenters ask, being very interested in Jenna's diet. Some also try to advise her and suggest trying raisins, which have a similar "composition" to dates, or sweetening cucumbers - "they taste like watermelon."

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