EntertainmentAmerican man transforms into Lizardman, wows British TV host

American man transforms into Lizardman, wows British TV host

The Lizardman on television
The Lizardman on television
Images source: © Youtube | This Morning
Jakub Tyszkowski

6 July 2024 21:13

A 50-year-old American man wants to resemble a lizard. As he has dubbed himself, the Lizardman appeared as a guest on a British breakfast show, eliciting an emotional reaction from the host.

There are as many life paths as there are people in the world. While some choose careers as lawyers, doctors, or scientists, others take less apparent paths. Erik Sprague, from the USA, decided to resemble a lizard.

His body is covered with green tattoos designed to look like scales, and the tip of his tongue is split in half. Erik also has had his teeth filed down to resemble sharp fangs and has horn implants above his eyes. In short, this is how The Lizardman can be described.

Who is The Lizardman?

In his latest interview at the end of June on the British programme "This Morning", Erik talked about the beginnings of his transformation. The 50-year-old went to a surgeon in the 1990s to have his tongue split with a laser. The pain was so immense that the American experienced hallucinations.

Interestingly, Erik designed the shape of his tongue himself. He presented the idea to the surgeon, who treated the procedure as an experiment on a "guinea pig". The service cost £490, which was just the price for renting the operating room.

"Oh my God. I’ll be honest, I was breathless when I looked at you. You look amazing!" complimented Alison Hammond, one of the programme's hosts, to the extraordinary guest.

The Lizardman on his transformation

The obsession with transforming into the Lizardman began after a screening of the film "Godzilla". Erik noticed that reptiles appear in cultures all over the world and therefore feels such a strong fascination with them.

The Lizardman is married. The programme's host asked the guest what his wife thinks about his split tongue.

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