LifestyleAirlines fight back as onboard thefts rise to alarming levels

Airlines fight back as onboard thefts rise to alarming levels

Passengers habitually steal on airplanes
Passengers habitually steal on airplanes
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28 June 2024 10:19

Onboard personnel working on aeroplanes have numerous duties during flights. They have to handle many tasks and often deal with problematic passengers. Recently, items stolen from planes have become more frequent, posing serious threats.

According to information provided by "The Sun," thefts onboard aeroplanes have become a plague. Passengers are not stealing from their fellow travellers but are taking aeroplane equipment, which can have very dangerous consequences.

They steal them for money

One of the most frequently disappearing items is the life vest. A quick look at eBay reveals why. They can be sold for up to £100.

Of course, taking such a crucial item from the plane is a terrible idea. A steward speaking with "The Sun" emphasises that it is incredibly stupid. First, when safety is compromised, someone might be deprived of a critical life-saving element.

A shortage of safety equipment on board can also result in a hefty fine for the airline if it is detected during an audit.

It is worth mentioning that it’s usually easy to determine who stole the life vest, as it’s known who was sitting in a particular seat.

Thefts on aeroplanes

Besides life vests, safety cards often disappear from aeroplanes and are placed in the seat pockets.

In the conversation with "The Sun," the steward notes that the crew wants passengers to have access to them at all times in case something unexpected happens. He also explains that cards are taken mainly by aviation enthusiasts who collect them from every plane they fly on. Additionally, he mentions that having to replenish them constantly is annoying.

"The Sun" also reports that on long-haul flights, passengers often help themselves to champagne and wine glasses, bowls, and other items prepared for the business class. The crew prepares them in the front part of the plane, and passengers often walk by, for instance, on their way to the restroom and seize the "opportunity".

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