NewsA troubled past: Influencer's emotional reveal stuns followers

A troubled past: Influencer's emotional reveal stuns followers

The Euro star's girlfriend added a shocking photo. Fans were terrified.
The Euro star's girlfriend added a shocking photo. Fans were terrified.
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20 June 2024 10:36

Dani Olmo, who plays for the German team RB Leipzig and the Spanish national team, is in a relationship with Laura "Abla" Schmitt. Laura is gaining popularity as an influencer and model. Recently, she posted photos and videos on social media that have worried her followers.

Laura is seen crying in the videos and recordings, with visible bruises on her face and looking worryingly thin. It turns out that these are shots from the worst times in her past. She combined them with images of partying, modelling, and smiling.

The recordings feature concerning statements. "She is a strong woman, but she never had the option not to be strong" or "She didn't want to be strong every time, but she had no choice. She doesn't ask for help because she is the only one responsible for her life. And because that's the case, there is no alternative to being strong."

The gloomy past of the influencer and the footballer's girlfriend from the Spanish national team

In this way, Laura showed her fans what she went through. The man with whom she had her first serious relationship ended up in prison.

Laura emigrated to Turkey for her partner and lived in Ankara and Istanbul. After just four months of dating, they decided to get married. Then, from one day to the next, the man left Laura. In November 2022, she became a divorcee. She was 24 years old at the time.

Today, she openly talks about "mental problems," significant weight loss, and many doubts.

I am a mouse that has to fight every two or three weeks, she said once.
Sometimes I have low self-esteem, partly due to bad relationships, fear of loss, and the need for control, she added.

Today, Laura is much more confident. Her love for Dani Olmo helps her with this.

I feel that I have the perfect relationship with an adult man who has healthy views on life, the influencer confessed.
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She sees the accusations from internet users that she flaunts her life on social media as confirmation that she has overcome moments of doubt and regained faith in herself.

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