NewsA string of explosions rattles Cologne; police launch investigation

A string of explosions rattles Cologne; police launch investigation

Germany. A series of explosions has worried the residents of Cologne
Germany. A series of explosions has worried the residents of Cologne
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Mateusz Domański

2 July 2024 13:22

Unease has gripped Cologne. German police are investigating a series of mysterious explosions in apartment buildings in the districts of Mülheim Buchheim and Engelskirchen. According to them, the explosions are connected.

The first explosion in Cologne occurred on the night between Saturday and Sunday. Residents heard a loud bang, and shortly afterwards, smoke appeared next to the residential building.

The explosion caused significant damage to the building's entrance door and shattered several window panes. As a result of the explosion, one of the apartments is uninhabitable, police reported, as quoted by "Bild."

The German tabloid also notes additional such incidents on Sunday evening. Shortly after the first incident, more explosive devices went off near the exact location. These occurred outside buildings. The houses were damaged, but fortunately, no one was hurt.

The most recent explosion so far occurred on Monday morning outside an apartment building in Engelskirchen, east of Cologne. There too, several windows and the entrance door were significantly damaged. The police claim to have increased their activity in the areas of these incidents. They have also asked witnesses to provide any information regarding the explosions, reports "Bild."

Germany. Pale fear grips Cologne. What is happening there?

Investigators believe that the described events are connected. The basis of such assumptions is the "method of committing the crime" and the "explosive materials" used.

Based on current findings and an initial assessment of the secured materials, specialists suspect that pyrotechnic elements were ignited in front of the buildings, notes the tabloid.
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