NewsA naked man terrorises the streets of Sevastopol in broad daylight

A naked man terrorises the streets of Sevastopol in broad daylight

A naked man was attacking people in the street in Crimea
A naked man was attacking people in the street in Crimea
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Bartłomiej Nowak

29 June 2024 17:12

A naked man was walking the streets of Sevastopol, attacking random passersby. In the footage shared by the Nexta agency, you can see a completely naked aggressor harassing older people and starting to beat them savagely. The situation repeated itself at two bus stops. The city has been under Russian control since 2014.

"Russia is a state of mind"—this famous slogan regularly refers to the subsequent, theoretically unbelievable news coming from this country. The internet is filled with bizarre photos and video materials depicting situations that can only truly happen only in this country.

Another such material appeared on 29 June. The Nexta agency shared a recording from Crimea, which Moscow has occupied since 2014, on social media.

The footage was recorded in broad daylight. In the video, two older people are talking and standing on the pavement near a bus stop. Suddenly, a naked man approaches them and starts beating them. First, he knocks down the man with a heavy blow to the head. Then, he attempts to harm the woman.

Naked aggressor beat people on the streets of Sevastopol

The attacked woman falls and tries to defend herself with her legs. The aggressor kicks the lying victim several times on the body. Then he returns to the man he had just knocked out. He brutally kicks him in the head. After a while, he remembers the woman and wants to attack her again. There are bloodstains on the street. The woman escapes. The naked aggressor then returns to his first victim and starts brutally kicking him on the body again.

The second part of the footage takes place near another bus stop. The naked aggressor appears again and starts beating people standing on the street without a word. He encounters two men and faces more resistance than the first time. The men wrestle and kick each other, and then the video cuts off.

The atmosphere in Russian-occupied Sevastopol: a naked man attacked pensioners with punches in the middle of the day So much for the "Russian world" - reads a post on the X platform.
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